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              • Name: Light Stabilizer UV-100
              • NO.: 152261-33-1
              • Added time: 2016-04-13
              • Views : 434

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              [Molecular Weight] 3000-4000
              [CAS No] 152261-33-1

              Melting Point: 95°C-125°C

              Heat Stability: >300°C

              [Annual Output] 300T
              1  Effective light stabilizewr for polyolefins, nylons, ASA

              2. Good stabilization of PP and nylon fiber by combination with UV-4050H

              3.Can improve heat stability and weathering fastness of ASA by combination with UV3035

              [Application] Polyolefin, Nylon, ASA etc
              [Packing] Generally 25kgs/ctn, 45 ctns/pallet, 10 pallets in a 20GP container