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              • Name: Antioxidant Lknox 2717
              • NO.: 41620-33-1
              • Added time: 2016-04-14
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              [Chemical Name]   2-[[2-(acetyloxy)-3-(1,1-dimethyl-ethyl)-5-methylphenylmethyl]-6-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-methylphenol]

              [Molecular Formula] C25H34O3
              [Molecular  Weight] 382
              [CAS No]
              Appearance: white powder
              Content: ≥97.5%
              Loss on Drying: 1.0max
              1. Phenolic antioxidant, widely used for NR, synthetic rubbers, latex, other resins and petroleum products.

              2. Low volatility, low dosage

              3. Non staining, non-discoloring, non-blooming, good thermal stability and solubility in  oil.

              4. No adverse effect on rubber vulcanization, rubber plasticity latex stabilization.

              Keep container closed and avoid direct sunshine.
              [Packing] Net 20kg/carton box, 25kg/carton box or according to customers' requirement

              [Application] Resins for fuel oil, plastics, synthetic and coating materials, such as ABS, AS, NR, synthetic rubbers, PE, PE, POM, CPE, PU and other synthetic resins.