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              • Name: Light Stabilizer UV-90
              • NO.: 124172-53-8
              • Added time: 2016-03-30
              • Views : 997

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              [Equivalent] Light Stabilizer UV-4050
              [Chemical Name] N,N'-Bis(2,2,6,6-teramethyl-4-piperidyl)-N,N'-diformylh examethylene-diamine
              [Structure ]


              [Molecular Formula] C26H50N4O2
              [Molecular Weight] 450.70
              [CAS No] 124172-53-8

              Appearance: White to off white crystalline powder
              Content: 99.0% min
              Melting point:155-158°C
              Volatile:0.8% max

              [Product standard] Q/HX10431.78-2013
              Lksorb UV-90 is an effective light stabilizer for polymers, including polyolefins, ABS, Nylon etc. It is highly compatible with pigments.
              [Annual Output]300MT
              [Packing] Generally Net 20kgs/carton box, 900kgs/pallet, 9000kgs/20GP container or according to customers' requirement
              [Storage] Keep in dry, cool and ventilating place, avoid insolation, far away from fire and heat.